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You want a personal trainer who has experience with the necessary credentials to guide you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. 

 When you work with Holly at the Hanzel Holistic Fitness Studio you will learn to exercise with efficiency and be given a roadmap to healthy eating habits that support ideal health and wellness. 
Holly understands the mathematics and science of the human body during motion and factors in the force of gravity on every joint.
Potential ways your life will improve when you work with Hanzel Holistic Fitness Studio:
  • Enhance athletic performance while learning to train properly for optimal body function 
  • Increase flexibility while decreasing muscular imbalances that can cause injury 
  • Decrease risk of new injury 
  • Restore normal function after injuries and surgeries 
  • Alleviate back, neck, hip, shoulder, foot, knee and elbow pains
  • Increase mind/body connection through breath and physical control
  • Calm the sympathetic nervous system through focused breathwork
  • Improve overall fitness and health 

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The REAL Deal 

The fitness industry does NOT require personal trainers to be licensed. 
There is no regulation within the industry, no guarantee that your trainer is qualified to assist you. 

Holly has the education, training and experience that you can trust.
  • Established in 2003 as a personal trainer and pilates instructor 
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, graduated Phi Beta Kappa
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist through American Counsel on Exercise 
  • Polestar Pilates Training 
  • Pilates Coach specializing in Bender Method 
Holly knows how to climb mountains. She transformed her own overweight body, that was bogged down with illnesses, into an accomplished athlete. And she has done the same for hundreds of people over the last couple decades, using a personalized wellness program tailored for each client. 
Let Holly be your guide to discovering your inner warrior today.
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  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Thanks to my personal training sessions twice a week with Holly, I was able to strengthen my back after an L4-L5 fusion surgery. So much, so that I was able to do a two week adventure trip to the Galápagos Islands and Machu Picchu. I was able to snorkel twice a day, jumping off of the zodiac boats out into the ocean as well as do strenuous lava field hiking. And Hike Machu Picchu with uneven natural rock and stone steps at high altitudes. No back pain! Holly has helped me get stronger and confident enough to take on this type of adventure, as well as planning for more in the future.”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “I would highly recommend Hanzel Holistic Fitness Studio! Holly has clearly honed her craft through years of intensive education and practice. She evaluates your unique body and builds a personalized program tailored to achieving your goals. I have been amazed watching the change my body has gone through. I am stronger, more flexible, more toned and no longer have chronic pain in my shoulder and neck.”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “With her extensive experience, expertise and caring attitude, Holly has helped me navigate my back issues to the point that I have been able to return to sports and daily activities without pain. Her individualized programs, complete with a visual education of pertinent muscle groups, have effectively guided me through injury, recovery and strength training. I was able to successfully complete a 24 day ski trip...something I never thought possible before I met Holly.”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Bob and I are in our 3rd year working with Holly and we have never been stronger. We both are in our 80’s and often receive comments on how healthy, youthful, and strong we look.”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    "I started to work with Holly when I was experiencing nerve pain in my right leg from many years of running and triathlon. With her guidance, exercises and tailored approach to my specific issue, the pain is gone. More importantly, my continued work with her has educated me about my body's performance, healthy ways to continue my exercising and has made me stronger overall."
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Because of working with Holly, I have been able to keep my chronic low back problem in check for the past seven years. Bye-bye pain, anti-inflammatories, and ice packs!”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Holly and I have worked together for nearly eight years. I came to her with pain in my neck and low back due to an active lifestyle including competitive ballroom dancing. My strength, performance and self care practice have each been immeasurably enhanced since Holly became my personal trainer!”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Holly is highly skilled, inspirational and an engaging trainer. Working with her over this last decade has quite literally been life changing -- absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done! Beware though, her enthusiasm for excellence is completely contagious!”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “I have been working with Holly for 6 years. When I began training with her I was recovering from two intensive back surgeries. At that point, I was having difficulty completing basic life tasks. Holly used her vast knowledge of kinesiology to help me regain movement and strength. She was always responsive to what my body was able to handle, and varied our workouts to meet my changing needs. I am happy to say, I am now stronger than I have ever been, and I know that working with Holly changed the course of my life. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer, but know that she offers so much more than just that. Every choice she makes for her clients is based on her educational background in kinesiology and the individual strengths and needs of her clients’ bodies.”
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “As an active senior with chronic back pain, Holly custom designs a science-based exercise and nutrition program that integrates personal training, Pilates and diet that safely adds strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. 
    Holly has deep experience in facilitating form, proper breathing and especially 'abdominal bracing' --- all of which are reinforced in her enjoyable but engaging 1 on 1 private sessions.
    Holly is the real deal --- she fixed her own back, lost weight and now applies what she learned in school and in practice for nearly 20 years in her beautiful and spotless Fitness Studio in Lake Bluff."
    ~ Phil
  • Hear from Holly's clients...

    “Holly has great knowledge of both physical and nutritional well-being. She is extremely passionate and results driven. Loves to help people. Unusual lady with upbeat energy. Have tried others- no comparison. Highly recommend!"
    ~ Rick

Referred by a Friend? 

Hanzel Holistic Fitness Studio was built on client referrals. 
Holly wants to reward her clients for passing along her information. 
Make sure to mention your friend's name when making your appointment because his or her next session is on the house! 
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